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Adopt a pet today

The entire process is simple and easy

We won’t require any funds, credit cards or anything. This is completely free and there are no hidden fees or anything similar. It is extremely simple as well.

All pets are available

We offer you the ability to adopt a dog, or a cat or any other pet you like. The process sis always the same and there are no boring or complicated processes. The process can be completed within a single hour, not day.

All pets are 100% healthy

Our pets are 100% healthy and we can guarantee you that due to the fact we provide vaccines needed, we provide you the papers regarding the health and so much more. There is no need to worry about.

We have trained dogs as well

If you like trained pets, we have them. We adopt already trained animals and we also train them. Currently we have 4 trainers working around the clock. There is no need to add that this applies to dogs only.

Spaying and neutering is included

If you like your dog or a cat, but you don’t want more, we offer spaying and neutering services which are completely free.

Help us

Donate if you can so we could keep the shelter up and rolling as long as possible.

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