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We have a pet shelter and it is the best in the United States. We offer and cover all types of pets and we take care of them as long as needed. When you want or when we find a suitable new owner, we can help them adopt a new friend.

All our pets are healthy, they are trained and they are ready for you. Keep in mind that we have small pets, babies and we have fully adult pets if you like. There are no limits here so you can easily find and adopt any pet you like instantly. He or she will become your new friend on the same day.

We have pets of all breeds, of all types and all of them are perfectly healthy. We will make sure that you get the healthiest pet possible and that you two will have a normal life perfect.

If needed we offer spaying and neutering services for free. They apply to any pet we have and they can be completed on the same day. We use only the best and the most professional veterinarians in the state and we guarantee you the ultimate perfection.

There are 2 main types of offers or services we do. The first one is to adopt from you a pet and we will take care of him as long as needed. If you don’t want your pet anymore or you have found a new one, we can assist you and make this change easier to your pet. We accept dogs, cats, turtles, birds and fish. All you have to give, we can accept starting right now and there won’t be any additional fees, procedures or anything similar.

We also offer adopting services. What this means is that you can come to our shelter, pick a pet you like and take him home with you. The idea is beneficial due to so many reasons. You get a pet for free and you can get it at any moment.

Meet the team

Meet Our Amazing People

Marisol F Marshall


Kenneth R Simmons


Linda T Porter


Crystal C Martin


What others have to say about us

Let’s see testimonials

I am more than just satisfied. There are no issues or problems of any kind and I am happy to add that these people are professionals.

Ulysses L Jones

I adopted a dog within 30 minutes and it was so easy and simple. The entire process was a piece of cake. My recommendations.

Simon J Thetford

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Donate if you can so we could keep the shelter up and rolling as long as possible.


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